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12 Finished Airing Miu Takigawa views the world from behind the safety of her bangs, content with peacefully passing unnoticed through life. Reserved and timid, Miu struggles to converse with or even smile at customers when at her part time job, but she works tirelessly to support her mother and precious little sister...Read More Aniplex, Tokyo MX, Nagoya Broadcasting Network, BS11, Shogakukan, ABC Animation, Buzz Wave A-1 Pictures

2.43: Seiin Koukou Danshi Volley-bu

12 Currently Airing Junior high school student Kimichika Haijima moves back to his hometown, Fukui, after causing trouble in the Tokyo Junior High School volleyball club. There, he is reunited with his childhood friend, Yuni Kuroba, who possesses outstanding physical abilities, but is vulnerable under pressure. Haijima...Read More Aniplex, Dentsu, Animax, Movic, Fuji TV, Fujipacific Music, Shueisha, Fuji Creative, Tohan Corporation, Japan Volleyball Association David Production

22/7: 8+3=?

1 Finished Airing Thirteenth episode included in sixth Blu-ray volume.

This episode centers on the story of Mikami Kamiki, Yuuki Toujou, and Tsubomi Hiiragi.

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