About AnimeFLick

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AnimeFlick is an anime video platform for the otakus. It is a third party site that shares the videos from other sources. AnimeFlick doesn’t own any videos nor upload any videos. It just shares the videos from different sources available on the internet.

It's an anime site that shares different anime series that people love and and hopes that the series will be recognize by more people to boost its popularity. It’s for the anime lovers who want to watch their favorite anime in english subtitles. The best english sub per series is shared by AnimeFlick for everyone to enjoy watching their favorite anime for free.

New episodes are added on a daily basis. This is the most updated anime site. All the current episodes of the most popular anime is available here and can be watch on both pc and mobile devices. Watch the anime in your mobile device and cast it on your TV or monitor as long as it is apple or chrome cast ready.

There are a variety of anime categorize per genre and arrange per season for viewers to easily choose the anime they could watch. Each anime series can be rated by the viewers to increase their ranking giving the viewers the top anime that are currently trending.

AnimeFlick also has its own community that discuss the anime they share. You can check the comments of the viewers in their respective series. Do support the anime when it becomes available in your respective region.