AnimeFlick List of Anime

# Title Episodes Status Synopsis Producer Studio Genre
145. Asobi Asobase OVA

Asobi Asobase OVA

1 Finished Airing Included with seventh volume of the Asobi Asobase manga. Lerche
146. Asobi Asobase Specials

Asobi Asobase Specials

2 Finished Airing Included with the third and fourth volumes of the Asobi Asobase Blu-ray and DVD releases. Lerche
147. Asobi ni Iku yo!

Asobi ni Iku yo!

12 Finished Airing Kio is just another boring, nice guy with a boring, nice life until he meets a beautiful, curvaceous cat-girl while attending a memorial service for one of his ancestors. Next thing he knows, he's lying in bed with this half-naked beauty next to him! Her name is Eris, and she has come to Earth to learn more about its inhabitants as a representative of the planet Catian. And she's decided...Read More AIC, Lantis, Media Factory, Pony Canyon, Rakuonsha, AT-X, KlockWorx, Ryukyu Asahi Broadcasting AIC PLUS+
148. Assassins Pride

Assassins Pride

12 Finished Airing On the brink of extinction, mankind has downsized and now solely resides in the city-state of Flandore, living in cities encased by glass domes. Beyond the domes exist vicious lycanthropes who thrive in the darkness; among the citizens inside, a clear distinction between the nobility and commoners is in place. The blood of nobles enables them to utilize mana, granting them abilities that exceed hu...Read More Sotsu, AT-X, KlockWorx, Nippon Television Network, Tokyo MX, Avex Pictures, GYAO!, Kadokawa, KLab, entama EMT Squared
149. Assault Lily: Bouquet

Assault Lily: Bouquet

12 Currently Airing Soon, mankind faces fast approaching obliteration from baffling animals known as "Colossal." The world takes up arms against the Enormous, and builds up the counter weapon "Appeal" (Counter Immense Arms) by consolidating science and sorcery. Appeal works all the more adequately when utilized by adolescent young ladies, and the individuals who utilize the weapons are loved as "Lilies." The Lilies a...Read More Shaft
150. Assault Lily: Fruits

Assault Lily: Fruits

13 Currently Airing Mini anime featuring characters from the Assault Lily franchise. Shaft
151. Atasha Kawajiri Kodama Da yo: Dangerous Lifehacker no Tadareta Seikatsu

Atasha Kawajiri Kodama Da yo: Dangerous Lifehacker no Tadareta Seikatsu

23 Not yet aired The story depicts the lazy, unhealthy daily life of Kawajiri, who loves alcohol and anything greasy, salty, or sweet.

(Source: ANN)
Lapin Track
152. Atom: The Beginning

Atom: The Beginning

12 Finished Airing Japan in the near future suffers an unexplained major disaster. Five years later, reconstruction is well underway. Two young researchers at a university are pinning all their hopes on robot development. Now their new interpretation of the eternal hero Astro Boy up until his birth is just about to start!

(Source: Showgate)
NHK, Tezuka Productions, Studio Mausu, NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan, Hakuhodo DY Music & Pictures, Fields Production I.G, OLM, Signal.MD
153. Aware! Meisaku-kun

Aware! Meisaku-kun

222 Currently Airing A long, long time ago, there was a prestigious school called "Ryuuguu Elementary School" that produced many masterpiece characters. One day, an ordinary boy named Meisaku Matsuda enrolled at the school. Little did he know that the place for learning was filled with crazy characters like Sweets, the energetic idiot; Musubi, a rice ball who gets angry when called "onigiri"; Nokio...Read More Pie in the sky
154. Azur Lane

Azur Lane

12 Finished Airing When the "Sirens," an alien force with an arsenal far surpassing the limits of current technology, suddenly appeared, a divided humanity stood in complete solidarity for the first time. Four countries—Eagle Union, Royal Navy, Sakura Empire, and Iron Blood—formed Azur Lane, paving the way for the improvement of modern warfare, which led to an initial victory against the common...Read More Frontier Works, Sotsu, Toho, Nitroplus, i0+, Yostar Pictures, Stray Cats Bibury Animation Studios
155. Azur Lane: Bisoku Zenshin!

Azur Lane: Bisoku Zenshin!

12 Currently Airing This is a slightly peculiar world where the shipgirls live in. A lively and enjoyable school life for girls from different factions will begin at the naval port of Azur Lane. Living out their lives to the fullest, these girls get into various shenanigans—slowly but surely! Delfi Sound Yostar Pictures, CANDY BOX
156. Azur Lane: Bisoku Zenshin! Hokorashiki Bokou ni Shukusai wo

Azur Lane: Bisoku Zenshin! Hokorashiki Bokou ni Shukusai wo

1 Finished Airing Javelin, Z23, Laffey, and Ayanami help Sirius practice as a maid for an upcoming party, while South Dakota and Massachusetts practice the piano. Delfi Sound, Yokohama Animation Lab Yostar Pictures
157. B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious

B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious

12 Finished Airing The anime's story follows Tsubasa, a new hire in the A&R department of the major recording company Gandala Music. Tsubasa is immediately assigned to oversee the idol unit "B-PROJECT," which is made up of three idol groups: Kitakore, THRIVE, and MooNs. This is Tsubasa's first job, and she gets involved in various incidents and accidents as she deals with this group of young ...Read More Aniplex, Movic, MAGES., Tokyo MX, Hakuhodo DY Music & Pictures, BS11, Lawson, ABC Animation, Christmas Holly, C-one A-1 Pictures
158. B-Project: Zecchou*Emotion

B-Project: Zecchou*Emotion

12 Finished Airing Second season of B-Project: Kodou*Ambitious. AT-X, Dwango, MAGES., Asahi Broadcasting, Tochigi TV Bandai Namco Pictures
159. B.B. Fish

B.B. Fish

1 Finished Airing At the time of the ceremony of entry to the college, a young boy named Ushino Hayama finds Sara a girl whom he met ten years ago. From this day, a change has taken place in him, and notices that can now control some water. After having succeeded the swimming championships, he discovers deep sea diving.

(Source: ANN)
Shueisha Production I.G
160. B: The Beginning

B: The Beginning

12 Finished Airing On the islands of Cremona, a vigilante runs amok. Celebrated by some and hunted by others, the notorious "Killer B" takes justice into his own hands, armed with a sharp blade and superhuman abilities. Unable to apprehend this renegade, the Royal Investigation Service (RIS) calls upon the expertise of Keith Flick, a seasoned, yet eccentric detective who was relegated to the Archives Depar...Read More Netflix Production I.G
161. B: The Beginning Succession

B: The Beginning Succession

6 Not yet aired Second season of B: The Beginning. Netflix Production I.G
162. Babel Nisei

Babel Nisei

27 Finished Airing Life seems simple for Koichi, a young student, until he learns that he is the reincarnation of an alien protector who crashed onto the mantle of responsibility as "defender of the Earth," Koichi/Babel teams up with a trio of super-powered alien companions to battle the the dark forces of an evil cult leader. The war to save humanity takes Babel from the deserts of southern Asia to the up...Read More TV Asahi Toei Animation